How is the NBA Playoffs going?

I usually don’t like wearing many clothes during the day, but I couldn’t resist an orange, blue, and red combo on Sunday. The San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns were the only teams in the west to cover the spread. The Clippers and Grizzlies won the West’s second seed, while the Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons secured the fourth and final spot.

I could not resist jumping on the Dallas Mavericks in the first round, as they seem to be the disguised killers. I loved the ‘Mavs’ in round one, but I swear they only win when Shaq is playing. Shaq is like a really really really really good QB. But, the other guy is playing too. So, it all comes down to how good each QB is. And with such variances, it will be very interesting to see how Dallas will fare against Golden State’s and New York’s second tier two-tight defenses.

As far as the East is concerned, I did not concern myself with the second-seeded Knicks, despite them being the few teams that LOOKED good enough to upset Miami. Instead, I focused on the surprise duo in the East, the Detroit Pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Both of these teams are some of the best in the Eastern Conference, if not the whole Entry System, and both of these teams Mouthwatering playoff series, as far as first round records go.

Detroit is the team that played Cleveland in a hard-fought series in the first round, classically known as ‘The Pistons vs. The Boyfriend’. In the three games played, the Pistons won by an average of 12.5 ppg. Yes, you read that right. Detroit scored 79 points in those three games. The Jackass have played their role in all the upsets in the first round, and come out of the toughest stage separated by just a few points. We can expect more drama from these guys in round two.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the hottest teams in the West entering the Playoffs. Let me just clarify, because there seems to be a bit of confusion on this team. Do not mistake the Cleveland climax to be a fluke. They have been the Elite in Italy, the United States, and Europe. They are the conscious and determined reaction to apparent cracks in their game showing themselves. Lebron James is the leader of this team with his role in bringing credibility to the worse. The world-class player NBA sensation sure does love basketball. And, let’s not forget that the Cavs have been conferences champions for a record four straight years.

There is a lot of stuff going on in the East. The Nets are annoying. The Heat are grueling. Theknights are suspect.

The Orlando Magic have the reputation of a donkey team. I don’t know if it’s the high percentage of unders that they have or if it’s the talent. You can say all that kind of stuff about the Magic, but I’ll just go with results. You know things are bad when you’re winning 20 of your 20 home games in a row and then you lose to the Nets the next night by 12.

I hope everyone took home a piece of paper today. I’m sure no one did.

It wasn’t exactly easy to pick a winner in the NBA Finals. Everybody had Pistons-Suns. It’s just that I wanted everyone to go with the Pistons. It’s silly, but a guy can’t help himself. It was easy for me to leave the Spurs out of consideration after the manner in which they beat the Pistons in their Bed- Studios. The Spurs are unbelievable. They are history. But, you know what? The Pistons are better. You know things are about to get real when the Spurs take on the Pistons. It’s just that the Pistons are better in the East. It’s all about the money, my friend. Winning a Championship requires money. That’s what I always say.

Did you know that the only three teams in Bolagila history to go a whole postseason without a loss of a game are the 1970-71 Celtics, the 2004-05 Seattle Sonics, and the 2005-06 Miami Heat? The 2004-05 Sonics won the NBA Championship that year, while the 2005-06 Heat won the NBA Championship. How come the 2005-06 Heat never got a chance to face the Pistons? They should have. Pistons in five.

The Suns averaged over 81 points a game during the regular season against the Heat. After the Finals, the Heat averaged over 59 points a game against the Suns. Did you know Miami is first in the NBA in defensive field-goal percentage (.426) and the fourth in offensive rebound percentage (14.2)?