A simple online search on the keyword ‘starting poker hands guide’ reveals this article as one of the plethora of suggestions. Hence, it should come as no surprise that considering theiness of the word, the search returns a thousand plus pages of material. Such a search on the internet is a tedious one, but still the goal is to uncover the ideal starting poker hands guide that will teach the user how to play the game better.

One of the most vital components in playing poker is having a starting hand that is both logical and in shape. It is quite sensible to start with one and only one bet when you know the game well. For example, if you are playing Texas holdem and have an ace and queen of spades, it is hardly a wonder that the ace can be played weak or even as a one card. But assuming Texas holdem as a game of poker is not a step towards winning. In this regard, it is better to leave the game to be initiated by the flop.

A poker hand that is too large should usually be discarded, at least in the initial stages. Hitting more than one card is a remarkable quality that an amateur player should possess. Such qualities are usually good reason for betting, but once the cards are revealed, exceptions can be reviewed.

A good poker player should be capable enough to fold, even if the cards he has are not particularly good. Hitting too many cards can be the reason for losing big money in afapoker. When the cards in your hand are incapable to make a formidable hand, it is time to get out before you are blinded out of the game. One must take a poker game acutely, as shortly as one takes hold of the cards, a plethora of decisions must be made.

One will have to take time to examine his cards and determine if the odds he has with the cards he holds are good enough to risk a bet or not. There is no point holding out with not even one hour left in the game. One indication of a decent hand is having several cards of a particular rank. This signs the player as one who is enthusiastic about the game and has a plan of action, rather than a lack of cards of a particular rank.

People are overwhelmed by the first press of the hands against them and the next two or three looks at the flop. There are many hands that are good but are not the optimum hands. This is a big mistake that a poker player should not make. Many excellent hands with less quantity than quality. The quantity takes precedence in situations of a pot sized bet and this is perfectly okay.

The quality of your cards depends on the betting patterns you set yourself. When you are in a pot sized bet, you should be looking for a better hand than other players. You are depending on the community cards and you will be happy about the showdown. When you are playing a flush, you are hoping for a strong hand. When you are in a straight, you are hoping on a card of the same suit. When you have a pair, you are hoping on a card of the same rank. You can also look for a straight flush or royal flush. When you are in an up and down poker hand, you will have to look at the cards in a different light. The odds are against you when you are in the pot bigger than the pot.

This will explain why the best starting hands are the high cards – you already have a good hand to go to battle with others. High cards are good cards to get the money in with. But, you should not limit yourself on such a hand. If you are weak, then you can’t play big pots, and for winning the smaller pots, you have to play more hands. The high hands are the cards that can potentially make a strong hand and win the pot.

When you are playing a hand, you should watch for high cards in the flop. If there are more cards of the same suit in the flop, than you have a strong chance to win the pot. An example is a suited King that has a female mathematician in it. That’s a high hand you can’t easily ignore. When you have an Ace, you will always have a sharp player next to you and, more often than not, an Ace is not going to win the big pot, so be careful with your big hands.

More often than not, a pair is going to win the small pot. If you have an Ace and a King, you will often times have the blackjack to split the pair. If you have an Ace and a 2, the odds are that nobody has an Ace as well as a King and 2 and if you are a man, you can forget about the 2, since it is highly unlikely that you would pull that Ace card, unless maybe you’re good at cheating.